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We hear a lot of genealogists (and for that matter, any small business owner or organization) worrying about what to do about Facebook, or Twitter, or blogs… "and what do I put on my website"?! 

We think that you’re probably missing a few steps here.  Let’s back up a minute.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, brochures, business cards…they are all channels you can use to help your potential audiences understand who you are and what makes your business unique.  Channels aren’t scary if you have a clear idea of what you are trying to communicate, and which audiences you are trying to convince.

We believe that the most important first step you can take is to have a strong sense of what your brand is, what your mission is, and what your vision is for the future.   Once you do complete those steps you’ll know WHAT you need to say, and have a much better idea of WHERE to say it.

Our approach guides you in development of a marketing plan, by considering these four areas: 

·         WHOM are you trying to reach?   (Target audiences)

·         WHERE can you reach them? (Channels)

·         WHAT is the mindset they currently hold? (Understanding your consumer)

·         HOW do you convince them?  (Message development)

Working with you, we’ll outline the four areas above, and develop a plan to develop your content, then create a plan to distribute that content in various channels, driving the messages from your business or organization to the people you want to attract.  

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