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Experience Your Past


Are you curious about American history? Have you wondered about the people who moved West, who fought in the Civil War, who watched the first trains go by their farm, who started businesses? Have you wondered how your own ancestors fit in? It’s possible to find out.

We know you work to build and maintain a sense of family traditions today. Now you can expand your family legacy by adding depth and context to your story.

Discover your personal connection to people, events, and places, and enjoy an experience that creates a sense of pride in your family’s accomplishments.

Get Started

All projects begin with a consultation. We’ll ask what your goals are, and what you already know about your family.  We’ll discuss deliverables—possibilities include reports, books, presentations, virtual tours, travel plans to visit sites, and more. 

Next, we’ll give you an estimate and a research plan. Complex projects can be completed in portions over time.

Upon project approval, we’ll begin work, and will give you regular status updates.

The final deliverables will include source-cited work which meets professional genealogy standards.

We look forward to discussing your family history with you! Contact us. 

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