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In just four online meetings Laurie was able to successfully help me define my business goals and focus on the services that I really want to offer. By focusing on my strengths and interests, she guided me toward identification of a unique niche for my business. Most importantly, she gave me the tools and resources on how to proceed. I highly recommend her services—especially if you have become stagnant with your business growth or marketing.
— Susan Kaplan, PhD, MBA

Strategic and Marketing Planning


For professional genealogists, Laurie Hermance-Moore will work with you in 1:1 video chat sessions to discover your genealogy business “sweet spot”—that intersection of what you love doing, and how to connect with the right client with a problem that you uniquely can solve.

At the end of our four consulting sessions, you’ll feel confident about: 

·         Your best skills and abilities—what satisfies you personally

·         The services you really want to offer

·         The unique niche your business can occupy

·         The target audience you will approach

·         Whom (or what) you compete with

·         Your business “story”

·         How you are positioned against the competition

·         What you need to do next to build momentum

You’ll have homework between the sessions—because much of this process is self-discovery.   In our consultations, I’ll ask you a number of provocative questions to challenge you and help you refine your offering.  We will generate many ideas together!  This is a process of refinement, but also thinking big about the RIGHT things. 

Four sessions (8 to 10 hours): $400

For genealogy societies, we recognize that there are many stakeholders involved, and building consensus will be as important as determining the strategic direction of the organization.   We’ll do this by interviewing the officers of the organization, then facilitating two or more work sessions.  In the work sessions, we will:

·         Align on the organization’s mission and future vision

·         Define and prioritize target audiences

·         Identify the competition, and define what the organization can uniquely provide

·         Develop goals, and determine strategies to accomplish those goals

·         Identify specific tactics that strategically move the organization forward

Heritage Bridge will deliver a thorough, written strategic plan for your organization to reference as it moves forward.

Fee: A proposal to meet your organization's needs will be developed. 


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